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August 10, 2018 at 11:26 am


I got this tidbit in an enews I get and thought you all may find it interesting, especially Ed Comment, especially as there’s been quite a bit in the news about eating Kangaroo and not Cattle but most don’t realise what that actually means to us as people, the kangaroos and cattle.

It’s certainly not the answer to eat our wildlife to extinction. I should add to Eds comments that the way the kangaroos are killed for human consumption is the same as for pet consumption and feedlot cattle are the problem not so much with pasture fed cattle (pasture fed is healthier for us and the animals as well). Oh and kangroo numbers plummetted from 34million in 2001 down to 22million in 2007, so it doesn’t start at 34million.

Now readon Ross Garnaut’s answer to climate change… do you think he got it right?

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