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May 30, 2018 at 7:51 am


Trying to help a friend who has this dam annoying problem i juts cant put my finger on…We usually record our podcasts by each individual recording there own audio using audacity, within a multi skype call,which is a great way of getting clear precise recordings.However, my friend has just got a new microphone, and what is happening is both strange and infuriating to fix.His audio stream picks up everybody else’s audio when we record, and i just dont mean slightly as sometimes can happen naturally on everybody’s, but i mean as clear as day as if we were in the same i say i have tried every setting i can think of to try and get his recording to not pick up everybody’s audio, with no luck.So guys, anybody know why this is happening and how can we stop it.His sound card is “Realtek High Definition Audio”normally i can sort most settings out in the sound card settings, by changing the microphone settings, but not this time, and its annoying.

Please help.

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